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Why We Do It

Cat overpopulation is a serious issue.

Thousands of unwanted cats are born each year. Most are left to suffer — susceptible to illness and injuries, easy prey for predators, and victims of unimaginable cruelty. If they do survive, they soon attain maturity and begin having kittens, mostly females, to continue this vicious cycle. Just one feral cat and her kittens can lead to 2,905 cats in seven years or 49,000 cats in 10 years (including mortality rates for feral cats and other factors), according to Other calculations predict that one unaltered cat can lead to as many as 420,000 cats in just seven years! Whatever the number, it is too high.

Spaying and neutering is the key to controlling overpopulation and the associated animal abuse. In addition, our municipal shelters are funded by taxpayers, so costs to process and care for these animals, as well as euthanasia costs, can be reduced. Kitty City provides spay and neuter assistance through aggressive Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and our Compassion Programs for the elderly, disabled and low income residents.

It is critical to spay or neuter cats as early as possible BEFORE they can start reproducing as early as FOUR MONTHS and are capable of having three litters a year with an average of six kittens per litter.


Our Community Impact - Your Donations Are Spent Directly on Helping Pets in Our Community!

  • Ten Year Homeless Pet Avoidance


  • Spay & Neuters Provided Since 2012


  • 2020 Donor Cost Efficiency Rate


  • Annual Taxpayer Savings Estimate


Our homeless pet avoidance is based on estimates for a 10 year period and the actual number of spays that we have provided to cats in our community.
Taxpayer savings estimates are based on intake diversion for a percentage of the population we have prevented.
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