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February 26 marks the 25th Annual World Spay Day – a day celebrated in more than 70 countries that highlights the importance of spaying animals...

You’ve very likely heard the words, “feral cat” – but what exactly is a feral cat? “Feral” is not a breed or species of cat, but rather a disposition...

October 14th – October 20th is National Vet Tech week. Vet techs are a key part of the veterinary medicine industry – whether they are drawing blood for lab work, administering vaccines, comforting an injured or sick animal, or cleaning up patients’ unfortunate little (or big!) accidents...

In 1925, a man named Heinrich Zimmerman organized the first World Animal Day in Berlin, Germany. Zimmerman loved animals, and wanted a special day not only to celebrate them but to bring attention to issues of animal welfare and protection. Over 5,000 people attended this first event...

October is National Pet Safety and Protection Month – a month dedication to the safety and protection of all animals. Whether you have pets of your own, have friends and family who have pets, or just really love animals, the human animal bond plays an important role in your day to day life...

You’ve probably heard it at least once in your life – “Spay and neuter saves lives!” But what exactly does that mean?

Our Community Impact - Your Donations Are Spent Directly on Helping Pets in Our Community!

  • Ten Year Homeless Pet Avoidance


  • Spay & Neuters Provided Since 2012


  • 2020 Donor Cost Efficiency Rate


  • Annual Taxpayer Savings Estimate


Our homeless pet avoidance is based on estimates for a 10 year period and the actual number of spays that we have provided to cats in our community.
Taxpayer savings estimates are based on intake diversion for a percentage of the population we have prevented.
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    Best Friends
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